Summer Institute Course

STEP Courses are split into two major components: the Summer Institute and the Follow-Up Course. Each year the two-week intensive Summer Institute is offered to teachers in two sessions to serve as many teachers as possible. Teachers earn up to 6 credits for their participation. Summer Institute teachers are invited to apply to participate in the STEP Follow-Up Course to earn up to 3 more credits, earn money for classroom supplies, attend science education conferences, and qualify for scientist classroom visits. See information about the 2008 Summer Institute below:

Schedule Overview

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An agenda for each day of the two-week Summer Institute is provided to all participants on the first day of the course. The schedule provides a timeline of daily activities, furnishes instructor name and theme, allows intervals for breaks and lunch, as well as lists required homework assignments.

Daily Schedule


Teachers can choose whether they want six 500-level ED Professional Development credits, six GEOS Science credits or a combination of the two, for their participation in STEP. Travel to Fairbanks and per diem is provided for Summer Institute participants. Textbooks required for the course will also be provided. Credits, travel and materials are provided by a grant through the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development.

Download the course syllabus: Earth Science for Science Teachers Course Syllabus (PDF)

Download the course syllabus: Science Curriculum Development for Teachers
Course Syllabus


This simple three-page application (PDF) requires basic teacher information including, but not limited to: highly qualified status, teaching experience and reason(s) for wanting to attend the STEP Summer Institute. Teachers are then accepted, denied or "wait listed" based on the following sequential criteria:

    1. Holding Highly Qualified Status
    2. Teach Within the Eight Districts Served by the Grant
    3. Date Application was Submitted
    4. Previous STEP Summer Institute Attendance
    5. Maximum Allotment of 10 Participants Within Each Level: K-3, 4-6, 7-12

Download the application to participate in the 2009 Summer Institute (PDF)

Download an informational flyer about the 2009 Summer Institute (PDF)

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