Image: Science Instructor Peter BienekCatherine F. Cahill
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Geophysical Institute, UAF

University of California, Davis, 1990 B.S.; University of Washington, 1994 M.S.; University of Nevada, Reno, 1996 Ph.D.

Cahill joined the institute in the fall of 1998. Her research focuses on atmospheric aerosols and their impacts on visibility, global climate, ecosystems, and human health. Cahill’s investigations include lab experiments and field studies of atmospheric aerosols and their properties. She is now investigating the sources, size, and composition of optical properties of particulate matter entering the Arctic from Asia and other continents, developing an aerosol sampler for use on an unmanned aircraft, characterizing volcanic ash, and studying the aerosols in Iraq. She was the recipient of a 1996-97 Fulbright Fellowship to University College, Galway, Ireland.