Image: ASC Instructor Gary CooperGary Cooper taught secondary science in Delta Junction, Alaska, for 23 years. During those years he taught junior high math, life, physical and earth science, as well as high school chemistry and biology. He retired from the Delta/Greely school district in 2001. He attended the 1991 Alaska Science Consortium Basic Institute. Since then he has been an instructor for two Alaska Science Consortium advanced institutes and the Woodrow Wilson Teacher Outreach program (TORCH). This will be his third summer of teaching for STEP.

Cooper continues to be involved with science and education in Alaska by working at the Geophysical Institute with various grants, teaching GPS/Navigation workshops for the Delta Mine Training Center, and does water quality work for the Delta Soil Water Conservation District. In his spare time he likes to fish, bike, run, kayak, and cross- country ski. Alaska Science Consortium Logo

Cooper has participated in all years of STEP instruction (2006-2008).