Image: Science Instructor Ronald DaanenRonald Daanen
Postdoctoral Fellow
Permafrost Laboratory
UAF Geophysical Institute

Ronald Daanen is a cold climate hydrologist working in the Permafrost Laboratory in the Geophysical Institute. His interest is in surface process that link above and below ground systems. This includes physical, biological and chemical processes between permafrost and the atmosphere. He is currently working on three projects: 1) small scale modeling of non-sorted circles ecosystems dynamics in the Arctic Tundra (learn more), 2) large scale simulations of spatially distributed permafrost energy balances in Greenland and Alaska, with future scenarios of climate warming (learn more: English, learn more: Danish), and 3) the Alaska Peatland Experiment, where we research the effect of water table height on the carbon balance in a fen (learn more).

Daanen served as a STEP Science Instructor in 2007, when the featured topic was Climate Change.