Image: Science Instructor Peter BienekRobert Herrick
Research Associate Professor –
Planetary Geosciences
Geophysical Institute, UAF

Ph.D. Geophysics, Southern Methodist University, 1993; M.S. Geophysics, University of Houston, 1988; B.S. Geophysics, Texas A & M, 1985; B.S. Physics, Texas A & M, 1985

Robbie Herrick began his career in oil exploration in Houston. He obtained a Master’s degree at night and had the opportunity to work with data from the Pioneer Venus mission for his thesis. He decided to pursue a career in planetary science and returned to being a full-time student to obtain a Ph.D. As a student at SMU in Dallas, he had the opportunity to take part in NASA’s Magellan mission to Venus. He developed his primary research interests of planetary resurfacing histories and the impact cratering process in the course of completing his dissertation.
After obtaining a Ph.D., Dr. Herrick returned to Houston and worked as a Staff Scientist for a decade at the Lunar and Planetary Institute. He was instrumental in developing the LPI’s education and public outreach program, and he managed their EPO department for a year. He bicycled to Alaska in 2004 to begin working at the Geophysical Institute. He conducts research with data from NASA’s unmanned missions to the other planets, and he manages an outreach program that visits communities across the state with a digital portable planetarium. More information can be obtained at his faculty website