Image: Science Instructor Anupma PrakashAnupma Prakash is an Associate Professor at the Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF). She uses images from satellites (remote sensing) and combines them with other data such as topographic maps, field information etc. (geographic information system: GIS techniques) to map the Earth's surface. Using images from several years, she also monitors changes that occur on the Earth's surface due to natural hazards, human impacts, and climate change. Dr. Prakash teaches remote sensing, GIS, and use of global positioning systems (GPS) at the Department of Geology and Geophysics, UAF.

Dr. Prakash is also involved in conducting teacher training, K-12 and post-secondary curriculum development, and making science data and research results accessible to all audiences. She has served as one of the instructors for the ASRA Earth and Space Science Module in 2007. More information on her research and teaching is available at

Prakash received her PhD in Earth Sciences from University of Roorkee (India) in 1996, MSc in Geology from Lucknow University (India) in 1991, and BSc in Geology, Zoology and Botany from Lucknow University in 1989.

Prakash is serving as a STEP Science Instructor in 2008, when the featured topic is Earth Science.