Image: Science Instructor Peter WebleyPeter Webley grew up in the United Kingdom, finishing his PhD in 2003. After completing his PhD, he worked at Kings College, London, traveling to both South and Central America. He then moved to Alaska in early December 2005 to work at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Straight away, he was first involved in the January 2006 volcanic eruption response of Mount Augustine. His work at UAF involves studying volcanoes through satellite data and tracking of volcanic ash clouds. He is part of the remote sensing group at the Alaska Volcano Observatory and is responsible for the Puff model. Also, he was the UAF scientist of the month in January 2007. Recently, Peter has become involved in displaying his data in Google Earth, allowing volcanic ash clouds to be seen in three-dimensional form. Peter has traveled to many countries for his work, including Italy, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Chile and Argentina.

Webley is serving as a STEP Science Instructor in 2008, when the featured topic is Earth Science.